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Join our campaign to have Government listen to the voice of small & medium business owners. The increased cost of doing business will lead to a tidal wave of business closures and job losses unless government act NOW!


Small Businesses

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Economy to Save

About SaveJobs

SaveJobs is a campaign to reduce the cost of doing business in Ireland for small & medium businesses. We believe that by reducing the cost of doing business, we can save jobs and help keep businesses alive. Our campaign is focused on advocating for policies that support business and reduce the burden placed on them by Government policies. Join us in our mission to save jobs and reduce costs.

Upcoming Campaigns

 We have two campaign messages: 


  1. Irish SMEs cannot compete with the massive wage premiums paid by multinational employers and the public service. Benchmarking the minimum wage against these will fail, costing jobs and businesses. 

  2. Small business must be represented when employment terms and conditions are discussed by Government. The forum for this is the Labour Employer Economic Forum (LEEF) which has NO small business representation on it, despite the fact that SMEs employ 60% of the Irish workforce. We need pro-rata representation for SME employers on LEEF.  


Sign the pledge. Government will only listen to those who can demonstrate mass membership. 

Latest News

Stay up to date on all the latest news and updates from SaveJobs. We'll keep you informed about our progress and upcoming campaigns.

Get to Know Us

The SaveJobs campaign is an alliance of member organisations representing Irish SMEs and supporting small businesses. We believe that by reducing the cost of doing business, we can create more jobs and help small businesses thrive. Learn more about our team and our mission here :

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